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Time Logging

Time logging with 925 Timetracker is easy: just start and stop the timer. You can do this either for a specific task or just in general. Our time tracker app has a unique feature, that makes it different from other solutions on the market: the time you track in general can than at the end of the day be allocated to different clients. This approach allows you to split time more easily if you do a lot of multi tasking e.g. being in two online conferences at the same time or if you have administrative overhead that you would like to allocate among your projects or clients. You can edit your times later in case you forgot to start or stop. And you can even be alerted and manually approve any changes.

Easy Timer

We want to make timetracking as easy as possible. For that reason, our interface offers a screen with a simple start, stop and pause button. Taking breaks is important. Just hit “pause” and the time tracking will be paused until you hit “start” again. If you or your employees work on a specific task, the time is assigned to that occupation. Of course, you can always see who is online and what they are working on in the status. Time management couldn’t be easier! 

Clear-Cut Dashboard

Have an overview of your time worked. See exactly how many hours your team spent on a certain task, how many seconds you’ve been unproductive and receive a detailed report that helps you and your team to improve in the future. The dashboard is your place, where you find all the important information in at a glance. See daily, weekly, and monthly summary reports. This will help you to quickly analyze patterns and improve your effectiveness. You also can easily see how much time you spend on the computer vs away from your desk. If you are a team leader, than hold your members accountable.

Overtime Tracking

To keep your team motivated and overall well-being, it’s important to keep track of each team member’s overtime. Have overtime collected and clearly displayed in an overview and compare your planned working time with the time actually tracked.

Smart Timesheets

See clearly what you’ve worked on. Timesheets allow your team to keep track with their time spent on projects and tasks. You can use detailed timesheets to create payrolls or customer invoices. 925 Timetracker hands out neat and organized timesheets with the weekly hours and associated projects. You can even create templates to save time. Track all app and browser data to generate an even more accurate timesheet. To maintain the necessary basis of trust, allow your team to determine which data should be used.

Plan easier – use the calendar!

Plan and manage your work through a shared team calendar. See your time entries visually in the calendar and also block out activities.

Project Management

With the Project Planner, you can plan and organize projects in a way that suits your team best. Assign tasks, filter and view data by priority so you can keep an eye on important details. You can instantly see where your team’s work stands and can define each phase to see what’s important and where bottlenecks may be. This way you can quickly take action to stay on track. Create visual plans to see how each step of the project will play out over time, set dependencies, locate roadblocks, and stay ahead of deadlines. Set a budget or time estimate and get notified when you’re close to budget.

Watch your productivity

Gain insights on how you allocate your time. Every user can create a private report that helps him to improve his performance. Team Leaders and Management however can create reports that show them, where time estimates and project timelines are critical. The computer tracking software allows you to see all activities. Every website or app they are using can be tracked and is tagged as “productive” or “distracting”. Studies have shown that simply the awareness, that the computer activity is tracked, leads to more productivity. 

Never forget any To-Do

Plan your tasks and assign them to clients and projects. Get task reminders so that you stay focused on projects that have priority. If team members are schedule to a task and haven’t logged in yet, they will automatically be reminded by email or message.

Show me all the Stats!

Keep an eye on who worked on what, what is the project status or when is a project’s deadline – this is how you can see perfectly how your team is performing. Also, let your employees see stats on hours worked, money earned and time spent. Download detailed reports on your team members, employees or freelancers or create custom reports to have them suit your individuell needs.

Get your Team on Board!

Easily invite your employees and divide them into teams. There are no limits! Assign tasks, roles and responsibilities. Get an overview over your team structure, for example, filter the hourly account or the absence calendar for a specific group – for better organization and planning!

Manage Time-Off

Track and manage your team’s holidays and time off requests. Keep an eye on the absences of your employees in order to be able to plan assignments and projects sensibly. The absence calendar provides you with a quick overview of your available resources at all times and documents vacation and sick days. Create time off policies, define holidays for paid leaves, request and approve leaves with just one click and of course track available days/hours.

Set Schedules

Use the schedule feature to carefully plan tasks, meetings and other activities. Get an overview of the capacity of your team members, visualize projects in a timeline and see who can take on work. You can also compare the planned time with the actual time tracked to fully utilize your resources. Have your daily agenda neatly displayed so that you always know exactly what needs to be done and when.

Automated Time Tracking

Stopwatches can be annoying at times. Retrospective time estimates are often imprecisely and useless. For this reason, our Timetracker offers automated time tracking that is accurate and reliable. This kind of time tracking is the number one choice if you want to increase your team’s productivity and improve your efficient work management skills. All you need to do is set up the app and let it do all the work for you. It not only makes your life easier but also helps to focus on what is really important. 


Keep an eye on work in progress with screenshots. Your team either can upload screenshots manually by themselves, or simply self-reliantly enable the screenshots-option to document their work. If enabled, 925 Timetracker will take screenshots at random intervals of time. This allows managers to keep an eye on the productivity of their team and get an overview of the current status of work. Of course, screenshots with private data can be blurred or deleted.

Automated Pay-Roll

Set up payroll once and the payroll will be generated based on tracked time, set tariffs or hourly rates each month. Add separate billing and payment rates for each team member in your company, then choose the payment frequency and payment method. If you want, you can automate payments to local and international employees – simply choose a payment method that suits you, such as PayPal or online bank transfer. Of course, you can also send manual payments at any time.


Nobody likes to spend countless hours on mundane paperwork. Invoicing is easy with 925 Timetracker. Just a few clicks and your customers will be invoiced based on recorded time, expenses, fees and hourly rates. Then simply download the invoice as a PDF file and send it directly to your customers – you can even add your company logo and custom notes.


Connect the 925 Timetracker with your other favorite tools. This allows you to track your time in other project management tools or applications.

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